Why employ an independent project management consultant?

As a property owner or investor, you are about to embark on a journey full of challenges, opportunities and risks.

Do you have the time and skills to successfully manage your project along this “roller coaster” ride?

Please take some time to answer some questions, before making this critical decision.

If you cannot confidently answer yes to the majority of these questions, you would benefit from the services provided by an independent project management consultant.

Given the high stakes, it is prudent that your investment is managed by a professional with years of experience across a broad range of projects.

An Independent Project Management Company providing Construction Management Services

MJ Wood Management is an independent project management consultancy company, with a proven track record in the provision of the following suite of services to a diverse range of clients:

As an independent project management consultancy we have no affiliations with particular architects, planners, design consultants, builders, contractors or suppliers.

MJ Wood Management will add value to your project

MJ Wood Management possess the necessary skills and experience, to reduce the time and cost of your project by at least 20%.

Let us assess your project today!

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What Our Clients Say

The refurbishment of the Octogon Building in Parramatta, was completed on time and within budget.
The works were completed with minimal disruption to our major tenant (NRMA).
MJ Wood Managements’ ability to communicate with all of the key stakeholders, was fundamental to the success of the project.

Bruce Gould
Client Project Manager
Investa Property Group

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