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about MJ Wood ManagementMJ Wood Management was founded by Michael Wood in February 2000.

The founding director Michael Wood saw a need to assist property owners, property managers, investors and developers in navigating the complexities of the design and construction process, and an opportunity to utilize his skills and experience to take the stress out of residential and commercial building projects.

As a qualified engineer and building project manager, Michael Wood brings to the business thirty years of “hands on” experience in all facets of the construction industry, from planning and estimating through to construction supervision and project management.

Since the companies’ inception, MJ Wood Management has assisted a diverse range of clients in meeting their objectives.

What is our Philosophy?

MJ Wood Management understands that every client has differing objectives and requirements for their investment.

As a consequence, MJ Wood Management will structure a suite of project management services to satisfy the unique aspects of every project.

MJ Wood Management believe in a collaborative approach, coordinating all parties involved to deliver the project within the shortest possible time whilst always keeping the clients interests as the priority.

The MJ Wood Management building project manager will provide a single point of contact throughout the course of the project. Each project is overseen by a director of the company, ensuring the quality and standards of our services are maintained.

Our prime focus is to ensure that all aspects of the project are delivered to the complete satisfaction of the client.

When do we get involved in your project?

MJ Wood Management can add value to your project at any time during its lifecycle. However, the earlier our involvement, the greater the value added.

How do we charge for our services?

MJ Wood Management generally prepare a fixed lump sum fee for their project management services. Our fee is tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget.

MJ Wood Management do not work on a percentage of the development cost. As a consequence, our incentive is to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

Why do you need us for Building Project Management?

Project management is incomplete without MJ Wood Management unparalleled and cost-effective services. Comprehending the importance of proper coordination, we coordinate with all the construction associated people and build projects in the earliest time.

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was fundamental to the success of our property development in Balmain.
The detailed estimate of costs prepared by MJ Wood Management was used to assess the viability of various design options.
MJ Wood Management assisted in the development of the adopted design option, which reduced the construction cost by $ 300,000, enabling the development to proceed.
The final outcome was a very successful development, delivered on time and within budget.

Roni Hammond

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