New Data Centre for BT Financial Group, Greenwich


The brief from our client BT Financial Group (now owned by Westpac), was to upgrade the capacity of an existing data centre at Greenwich, to enable the de-commissioning of a separate data centre located in the CBD of Sydney.

Key Initiatives

Following the preparation of an estimate of costs by MJ Wood Management, it became apparent that the proposed scope of works could not be delivered for the proposed budget. At this point the project was in danger of being “shelved’. 

The project received a “stay of execution” when MJ Wood Management advised senior management of BT Financial Group that the cost of doing nothing, exceeded $ 1.5 million. 

MJ Wood Management received approval from the client to prepare a cost benefit analysis of five alternative design options. During this process, a viable design solution was identified enabling the project to proceed.

MJ Management provided both project and construction management services for the project.

The construction management delivery model, provided significant cost savings to the client and facilitated a direct relationship with key service providers.


The project was delivered on time and within budget, with no disruption to the operations of BT Financial Group or the adjacent Sydney Futures Exchange data centre. 

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was fundamental to the success of our property development in Balmain.
The detailed estimate of costs prepared by MJ Wood Management was used to assess the viability of various design options.
MJ Wood Management assisted in the development of the adopted design option, which reduced the construction cost by $ 300,000, enabling the development to proceed.
The final outcome was a very successful development, delivered on time and within budget.

Roni Hammond

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