Multi- Storey Apartment Building, Dee Why


Our client for this project was an overseas property developer with little knowledge of the local market. 

The project involved the design and construction of a four storey residential apartment building in Dee Why, Sydney. The land had been purchased by our client, complete with a concept design for an approved development. A builder had been selected by our client, and final negotiations were in progress for a fixed lump sum price.

Key Initiatives

Upon engagement, MJ Wood Management identified the following:

  • The concept design was not contained with the approved height envelope
  • The unit layout design was not functional and did not satisfy the requirements of the development consent from an accessibility perspective
  • The structural design drawings were not compatible with the architectural drawings
  • The services design documentation had not been coordinated
  • There was insufficient detailing to commence construction
  • The developer would not make a profit on the project 
  • The proposed fixed lump sum from the preferred builder was not cost effective

As a consequence of the project assessment by MJ Wood Management, our client agreed to the following initiatives:

  • The preparation of revised design documentation and specifications, to reduce construction costs
  • Design modifications to ensure compliance with development consent conditions
  • Fully coordinated services design documentation
  • Tendering of the revised design documentation to a list or pre-selected builders (please note that the original builder declined to bid)


The project was subsequently delivered to the complete satisfaction of the client. 

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was the only project management company we approached, that was prepared to take on the unique design requirements of our project.
Their attention to detail and rigorous pursuit of the most cost effective design solution, resulted in significant cost savings to our project.
We have no hesitation in recommending MJ Wood Management to any client seeking project management or construction management services.

Paul Pembroke
Owner Builder

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