Endeavour Energy – Review of Capital Works Programme (Preliminary Phase)

MJ Wood Management was engaged by Hill International, to review the efficiency of Endeavour Energy’s infrastructure upgrade capital works programme, during the preliminary phase of each project.

Following a series of interviews with key stakeholders and a thorough review of project and financial documentation, MJ Wood Management prepared an evaluation report complete with a suite of recommendations required to reduce both cost and time of project delivery during the preliminary phase.

These recommendations were subsequently endorsed and implemented by the senior management of Endeavour Energy, resulting in an estimated reduction of ten per cent reduction to the cost and project duration for implementation of these works. 

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management assisted Spectrum Partners in an extensive review of Westpac’s national capital works programmme, for their network of retail branches.
MJ Wood Management prepared a comprehensive report, outlining a suite of initiatives required to reduce the cost and time of delivery of future works across the country.
These initiatives were subsequently implemented by Westpac and Investa Property Group.

Rob Dickson
Spectrum Partners

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