RailCorp – Deliverability Review of Capital Works Programme

MJ Wood Management was engaged by Hill International, to review the deliverability of RailCorp’s infrastructure upgrade capital works programme.

Following a series of interviews with key stakeholders and a thorough review of project and financial documentation, MJ Wood Management prepared an evaluation report complete with a suite of recommendations required to ensure deliverability.

These recommendations were subsequently endorsed and implemented by the senior management of RailCorp, resulting in a successful delivery of their capital works programme. 

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was fundamental to the success of our property development in Balmain.
The detailed estimate of costs prepared by MJ Wood Management was used to assess the viability of various design options.
MJ Wood Management assisted in the development of the adopted design option, which reduced the construction cost by $ 300,000, enabling the development to proceed.
The final outcome was a very successful development, delivered on time and within budget.

Roni Hammond

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