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Delivery Models

There are a number of project delivery models available to you as the property owner. The selection of the most appropriate model for your project, is the most important decision we will make in consultation with the yourselves.

There are many deviations to the theme, but the various delivery models can be included within the following two categories:


  • Fixed Price Contract with a Builder (Build Only or Design and Construct)
  • Construction Management


Construction Project Management

The fundamental difference between the two delivery models, is that under a Construction Management arrangement, individual fixed lump sum contracts are let directly to the trades during the course of the project in lieu of a one fixed lump with a builder . 

The final fixed lump sum cost of the project being determined by the summation of the individual trade contract amounts.

The advantage of this model is a potential reduction in cost and time for the property owner.

However on the flip side, the property owner is exposed to fluctuations in market conditions during the course of the project, as well as unfavourable variances between actual trade costs and the approved budget estimate.

MJ Wood Management have successfully delivered a number of residential and commercial projects under a construction management arrangement.

Let us assess the suitability of your project for construction project management services today!

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What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was recommended to Thorn Australia by property managers Spectrum Partners.
The relocation of our corporate headquarters from Regents Park to our new facility at Bankstown, was completed on time and within budget.
MJ Wood Management have been retained as our preferred project management company for future property works.

John Hughes
Managing Director
Thorn Australia

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