Identifying the optimum property solution for your needs

Feasibility Assessment

Our approach during the feasibility assessment phase is to investigate the costs and benefits of various property development options, whilst incurring minimal costs on your behalf.

That is, high level estimates of costs (and revenue if applicable) and master programme are prepared by MJ Wood Management for various design sketch options, to determine the optimum solution for your development.

Business Case

Upon selection of a preferred option during the feasibility assessment phase, a more comprehensive investigation on the preferred site and design option is prepared during the business case preparation phase.

During this phase concept designs are prepared, site investigations are mobilized and a detailed master programme and estimate of costs are prepared.

MJ Wood Management has the expertise to prepare estimate of costs and master schedules “in house”.

The objective of this phase is to verify any assumptions made during the feasibility phase whilst only incurring moderate costs.

Upon validation of the assumptions MJ Wood Management will prepare a project plan, which outlines the strategy of project implementation. The project plan will form the “blue print” for the project.

The Project Plan is approved by the client, and the project proceeds to the design and planning approval phase.

What Our Clients Say

MJ Wood Management was fundamental to the success of our property development in Balmain.
The detailed estimate of costs prepared by MJ Wood Management was used to assess the viability of various design options.
MJ Wood Management assisted in the development of the adopted design option, which reduced the construction cost by $ 300,000, enabling the development to proceed.
The final outcome was a very successful development, delivered on time and within budget.

Roni Hammond

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